Webcam Tips to Make You Look Good

Seeing a hottie for the first time online is the same as seeing one for the first time in person. You want to look good. You want her to be attracted to you. You want her to be interested in spending more time with you. So when you’re going to be seeing each other over webcam for the first time you’re going to want to look your best. Because webcams are notorious for making people look bad, you’re going to have to do some preparation in order to make sure that that’s not the case. Lighting “More light makes you appear good” Lighting issues are the most common with webcams. Video tends to either look too dim or too bright. Either situation makes you look bad. So how to make sure the lighting is just right? Don’t have a light source directly behind you. It’ll put you in shadow and the webcam responds to light hitting it directly by dimming the picture. Instead, have a light source facing you. You don’t need to run out and by expensive set lighting. The fix is as simple as having a desk lamp and turning it on you. Connection Issues Nothing’s going to kill the mood like video lagging or Internet interruptions. There…

Reading Online Signals: Is She Really Interested?

If you’ve tried out online dating websites you’ve probably realized that they’re a really good thing. Sure, you can go out and meet women conventionally but do you have instant access to hundreds of hotties all at once? Meeting and dating women online is easier in a lot of ways and once you meet one you like you can take the next step and meet her in real life. Anyone familiar with online dating is aware that there are a few issues. One of the most common is that it’s hard to tell sometimes if a woman really likes you through online chat. So how can you figure it out? Generic Replies “She must be talking to many guys” So you’ve found a babe who’s smoking hot (according to her profile photo) and you’ve started chatting her up. But her replies all feel generic and automated. If this is the case, chances are she’s not really interested in you in particular. Instead, she’s feeding you the same lines she’s been feeding tons of other guys. She’s doing this in order to keep you all interested. Instead of focusing on one guy, she’s focusing on a bunch. If you’re serious about finding a woman to date in real life and maybe…

Keeping Her Around After the Hook Up

“Take her out for shopping to keep her around” When you’re just taking a woman home to get it on and then plan on bailing, you’re trying to get a very typical hook up. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. She could be really great in bed or you actually wind up liking her for more than sex. Women can be really awesome to be around, even with clothes on. It doesn’t always happen, but you could end up liking this woman more than you thought you could. The hard part is actually going to be keeping her around after the hook up. Most likely she’s on your level and thought that only sex was happening. Luckily for you it’s not that hard to take it from sex to something more. Offer Her Food Having sex is a serious workout. You sweat and pump and get really tired. So, besides sleep, what’s the first thing that you want? Food. Why not have it with her? Offer to make something for her or even just get a bite to eat together. Taking the first step toward hanging out together outside of the bedroom is really easy when you’re both trying to satisfy the second base human instinct of hunger.…

How to Keep Your Follow-up Dates Interesting

All right, you’ve absolutely aced the first few dates with this hot woman you’ve been seeing. Now that you’re getting into the swing of things with her, it’s time to start upping your game. She’s been happy with you so far, but that doesn’t mean that now is the time to rest. If anything you should be planning out how to keep your dates as exciting as they can be. You want to keep her around, but eventually it can be hard to come up with creative ideas for your outings. Now worries, we’ve got you covered. Take It Outside “Go to a remote beach location” If you’ve only been taking her out to restaurants or those fancy little indoor shops then now is the time to take it outside. Plan dates according to her physical activity level if you can. Unless she’s really into being physically fit and hits the gym like mad you’re going to want to avoid anything like wrestling, boxing, or mountain climbing. But there are some outdoorsy type dates that you can take anyone on, so long as they’ve got two working legs and some arms that have hands at the end of them. Wall climbing is a really fun alternative to the more hardcore…

How Long Should You Wait to Call Her Back?

There’s a whole system that goes with calling a woman back. Some guys say if you call before three days is up then you’re going to look whipped. Others say that you really need to stretch it out to a week. With all of these different opinions you can end up waiting around and missing your chance altogether. If you want to ensure that you’ll get another date with her, then you’ve got to rethink everything you know about the call-back rule. It Depends “If you had a good time with her then call back” The harsh truth is that it sort of depends on how your date went. There is definitely a guideline that we’ll get to but first you need to think about the date you went on. How did it end? Did she smile and say she had a really great time? Maybe you even got a little kiss on the cheek. Any of these very obvious signs of enjoyment mean that you should wait a few extra days to call her back. If she left your car with a “Thanks for the good time” or something along those lines, then it might seem like she actually has some pretty mediocre feelings about the date. You’ll have…

Attracting Intellectual Women Online

“Don’t try to impress her with your immaturity” Not every guy wants to date a woman who’s only tits and ass. Sometimes the whole package is a hottie who’s intelligent, too. It’s easier to pick up women who only want sex. It’s a little harder to find and connect with women who are sexy, smart, and available. This is really true when it comes to finding intellectual hotties online. Online adult dating gives you access to hundreds of women, but not all of them have the qualities that you’re looking for. If you’re interested in finding intellectual women online, try following our tips. Make Your Profile Sound Smart You don’t need to list Stephen Hawking quotes on your profile in order to come across as a smart guy. In fact, if you try too hard, you’re going to look like a pretentious douchebag. So instead try to be casual about the fact that you consider yourself an intellectual. List some of your favourite books and documentaries under things you enjoy. If you’ve spent time in college or university, mention that. You don’t want to rub it in women’s faces that you’re smarter than they are. You want to appear like an intelligent, available, attractive guy. Don’t Pretend “Your originality may…

The Best Sites to Meet Women Online

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Our Top Picks For Meeting Women Online

#1 Rated Site: EroticAds
#2 Rated Site: EstablishedMen
#3 Rated Site: SocialSex
#4 Rated Site: AdultFriendFinder
#5 Rated Site: GetItOn

The Best Online Dating Sites on the Web

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Our Top Picks For Online Dating

#1 Rated Site: Passion
#2 Rated Site: eHarmony
#3 Rated Site: Xpress


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