What Your Way of Talking Says about You

There’s no doubt that women are very perceptive creatures, which makes flirting with and dating them something of a potential minefield. Thankfully, it can be easily navigated when you know what you’re doing and how it influences everything. One of these influential elements in flirting is your speech. Some scientists are actually able to tell where you’re from, how you grew up and what profession you have, just by listening to you talk. Of course, women aren’t quite as good as that (unless they actually are one of these scientists), but they can decide if they want to see you again, partially due to your manner of speaking. So to have your date go to your advantage, keep the following in mind: The Speed of Your Speech Depending on your career, your last presentation was either in school or a week ago. If you’ve gone through a full preparation, you will have checked how long your presentation goes without an audience. After the actual presentation, you might notice one thing: you’ve spoken faster than without an audience. By this example you can see how relevant the speed at which you talk is. When you’re nervous, you’ll talk much faster. While it’s alright to be slightly nervous on a date, it…

Knowing Your Faults: How They Can Be Used to Your Advantage

Common opinion is that having faults is a bad thing and that they’re detrimental to dating of all kind. But dating is a lot like selling a product, just in this case, you’re selling yourself. Naturally, you’ll put forth all your positive traits and skirt the negative ones, but sooner or later one or two will slip through. This is why you should keep a positive attitude toward your faults – they’re a part of you, after all. Unless they turn you into an unsociable person nobody wants to deal with, you aren’t forced to get rid of them entirely. Faults can actually be quite charming, if you utilize them correctly. Recognizing Your Faults The first and most important step is to know wherein the problem lies. Sometimes it can be obvious, like unpunctuality. However, it can also be so subtle that even your friends might not notice, since they learnt to deal with it. An example for this would be being quick to jump to anger. To find your own faults, it takes some introspection, observation and asking around. Your first stop should be your friends and family. Ask them if there’s something to you that they consider a fault. This is a very critical step, since it’s very…

How Long Should You Wait to Call Her Back?

There’s a whole system that goes with calling a woman back. Some guys say if you call before three days is up then you’re going to look whipped. Others say that you really need to stretch it out to a week. With all of these different opinions you can end up waiting around and missing your chance altogether. If you want to ensure that you’ll get another date with her, then you’ve got to rethink everything you know about the call-back rule. It Depends “If you had a good time with her then call back” The harsh truth is that it sort of depends on how your date went. There is definitely a guideline that we’ll get to but first you need to think about the date you went on. How did it end? Did she smile and say she had a really great time? Maybe you even got a little kiss on the cheek. Any of these very obvious signs of enjoyment mean that you should wait a few extra days to call her back. If she left your car with a “Thanks for the good time” or something along those lines, then it might seem like she actually has some pretty mediocre feelings about the date. You’ll have…

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