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This site is absolutely filled with women, and that appeal to the ladies got us 13 dates over the course of the test. The attentive customer service staff will ensure that your stay is safe and scam-free, as well.

When it comes to romantic dating online, we really found ourselves impressed by A lot of sites just can’t bring the ladies in, but this one definitely does a great job of it.

It’s very intimate.

If you’re looking for a long-term dating site, does the trick because it simply has a better atmosphere. An intimate atmosphere is what women crave, and we figured that out quickly.

image Passion CTA

Because of this atmosphere, there is a much higher ratio of ladies joining this site. Passion UK has a very good member count, and this was demonstrated frequently during our Passion review.

It’s also very safe. They closely monitor everything that goes on with Passion UK, and that means that the staff will constantly check up on you and make sure that you’re comfortable.

Passion image overlay

For the single man looking for a real dating experience, you just can’t beat Passion

It’s just better.

Because you have an attentive staff, you’re going to find yourself that much safer on a site like this. It’s very much a relief for a lot of people that have been burned in the past.

You really don’t want to find yourself in a bad situation, and that’s why you should always look for a site that is as attentive as this one. You’ll find yourself being able to really relax.

For long-term dating online, that’s exactly what you need. The romantic flair that provides is just what we needed, and we were excited to really see what it could do.

Our Six Month Test: How Did It Compare

We ended up spending a grand total of six months on our Passion review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It was incredible.

From those 200 e-mails, we ended up with a grand total of 166 replies. This was amazing, considering we just wanted a 50% return of e-mails on this site in general.

From those 166 replies, we ended up having a total of 20 ladies want to meet up with us. By the end of it all, a total of 13 actually ended up showing up for our dates.

We were very impressed by these results. The site performed consistently, and really helped us meet a ton of different women. It was an exciting experience that we loved. The Two Messages That Got Our Favorite Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Katherine. I was really drawn into your profile by your beautiful smile, and I just had to keep reading from there.

The fact that you’re really into cooking is awesome. I wish I had the strength to pursue my goals like that. If you ever need someone to test out your cooking, let me know.”

Email 2: “Hi, Melanie. I couldn’t help but be taken in by your gorgeous hair color, and I just had to keep reading your profile.

I noticed that you’re really into foreign films, and that’s something that I really enjoy as well. I was wondering what your favorite movie was? Maybe we can compare.”

Features That Shone: What Made Stand Out

It’s hard to find a site that’s as safe and still as exciting as is, but the formula that basically runs this site has done a great job of really making that happen.

We were amazed.

When you’re using a site like this, you might expect it to be boring, but it’s very active. This active community isn’t at all issue when it comes to safety, and we loved that.

The reason for this is the fact that the staff is very active in getting rid of any scammers that might end up popping up. We love being able to report them sooner rather than later.

This kind of security is going to make it that much easier for you to relax, and that’s something that you really can’t find on a lot of dating sites. Relish it on

Step Up Your Game on Dating Tactics That Work

It’s hard not to get an edge on this site, to be honest. The ladies on here are very open and eager to meet men that are smiling and confident, and you should always portray that.

Make an effort.

Even if you’re something of a shy sort in real life, you should always make an effort to be more outgoing and confident online. Fake it until you make it, or so the saying goes.

If you can come off as a man that’s very fun loving, these ladies are going to be all over you. That means that you need to put a little bit of extra effort into your profile.

Just talk about yourself, and what you like to do. Talk about what you’d love to do with her as well, and that’s going to make her a lot more interested in being with you.

Confidence is sexy.

It’s important to always remember that confidence is genuinely sexy to ladies, and that you should always try to make an effort to portray it with online dating sites.

You’ll stand out if you’re confident. Just make sure that you aren’t too crass, because that’s really not something that’s going to go over well with these women at all.

As a general rule, don’t be lewd. Think about how you would talk to women in real life, and if you wouldn’t say it then, then there’s no reason to e-mail her with that sort of language.

Some Mild Cautions: Things Needs to Work On

Sadly, there are a few flaws that we found with While these things aren’t deal breakers, they are things that we really hope the owners of deal with eventually.

There’s a sparse variety.

While there are a lot of women on this site, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to find ladies that are of different types and walks of life. It’s all a little homogenous.

This is because they tend to market towards a certain age group. While that might work for one man, that isn’t going to necessarily work for someone else using the site.

We hope that this ends up changing in the future and that more kinds of ladies join up. It will make this site much more exciting, and that’s something we always look forward to. in the News

There are a lot of reasons to use a dating site, and this article can really help you out on

Knowing whether or not online dating is for you is something this article can answer for you, especially for a site like

Even on a great site like, you might want to follow these safety tips:

The Results Are In: Should You Use to Meet Women

We absolutely loved It’s our number one site for longer term, romantic dating, and we couldn’t imagine never using this site. It really does work for us.

It’s because it’s safe and fun.

A site that’s both safe and fun to use is a huge winner in our book, and this one is no exception. You’re honestly going to be hard pressed to find a site that works as well as this one.

The numbers just don’t lie. We love being able to pump a site up and really see how it does with other people, and we’ve seen the results with this one many times over. just gets it done. That’s something we love about it, and it’s something that makes us want to come back and use it again and again. You’ll love it, too.

30 Responses to “ Review – Why Was #1 for Meeting Women”

  1. Boiling Slimy Dingo

    I knew leaving a good review for was going to be a necessity as soon as I started using it. It just blew my expectations out of the water.

  2. I think this site is a lot better in comparison to others that people seem to love using right now so I don’t know why more people aren’t on this one.

  3. Rocky Rough Girl

    There’s nothing worse than a scam site and that’s why I’m really glad this one wasn’t like that at all. I could tell the ppl who run this site really wanted me to get laid.

  4. had better be legit or I’m going to be mad. Wasting your time can be even worse than getting scammed out of money in some cases in my opinion.

  5. Broderick Swarner

    There’s nothing that isn’t good about this site. Normally I have a lot of criticisms on dating sites but not this time around. It’s just not a thing for me.

  6. Brutal James Hawkins

    I only decided to test out bc I was writing a review of dating sites for my blog but I liked it so much I ended up staying. How funny!

  7. There’s no way I would give this site a rating lower than a five out of five stars. How could you do that? How are you that disappointed with this site?

  8. I knew this site would get a good review from me when I started using it at the beginning of 2014. Leaving a good review is a no brainer tbh.

  9. The dating site I was using got shut down so it’s time to find a new one. I’m looking at rn but I don’t know if I’ll end up joining.

  10. Grady Mcdonald

    I’m hoping sites like this all take a hint from this one and start being better as a whole. That will certainly help me and my chances of getting laid.

  11. Stud Dangerous

    If you use and don’t leave a good review for it I want to know just what is wrong with you. What more do you want a dating site to do?

  12. The women on this site are so hot in comparison to the women on others and none of them are annoying and clingy about commitment so I like that lots.

  13. I thought this site would be a scam like all the other dating sites but trust me, this one was really high quality compared to other ones I’ve used before.

  14. Here’s the deal. I need someone who’s used and has firsthand experience to tell me what it’s like so I can decide what to do: sign up or not?

  15. Willie Donkin

    I wish there was something else I could say about this site besides how good it is. I feel like that doesn’t do enough to accurate describe it, you know?

  16. Test out and I promise you’ll see we’re not lying when we say it really is one of the best sites you’ll ever use. What are you waiting for?

  17. A high rating is the only thing that really fits when it comes to this site. I don’t understand how you use this and don’t like it. How does that work.

  18. Moving Epsilon

    I don’t know anyone who’s used this site in 2014 and hasn’t liked it. Seriously, there’s a reason that the only reviews it has are good ones and nothing else.

  19. I never knew that the dating site called even existed, honestly. I’m not surprised, actually, now that I think about it. I don’t use these very often, after all.

  20. Vince Dealtry

    Sites like this are amazing and I don’t know why more men haven’t started using them to get laid. You’re only hurting yourself guys, so quite being stupid and sign up.

  21. Cool Antelope deserves all the good reviews it already has and I’m here to give it another good one. I believe in giving credit where credit is due so I’m here.

  22. In comparison to other sites this one seems a lot more well put-together and I really felt like I was using a good site that had its shit together tbh.

  23. Fast Opossum

    This site is NOT a scam! I saw someone saying that and it just rubbed me the wrong way…don’t claim it’s a scam just bc you’re too unattractive to get laid.

  24. is legit, right? I’m sitting here thinking about signing up but I just can’t decide if that’s in my best interest, you know? I should shut up and do it.

  25. If you’ve used a lot of dating sites you’re going to love this one. That’s how I was, and it was crazy how it surpassed all other sites I thought were good.

  26. Forsaken Duck

    I wish I had signed up to test out sooner because I think my sex life would have been a lot more interesting a lot sooner. That would have been nice.

  27. I knew I had to come and leave a good rating for this site. 5 stars. 10 out of 10. The highest of honors…seriously, it sounds cheesy but this site is great.

  28. Alpha Lion

    I think 2014 has been a great year so far for other aspects of my life and now I need to get laid. This site had great reviews so I used it.

  29. I’m guessing that we’re supposed to believe that is the hot new dating site? I haven’t decided if I’ll sign up for this one. I might, I might not.

  30. Dominick Hatherly

    I don’t think sites like this get enough credit for all the work they do helping us guys get laid. I think they should be appreciated more than they are.

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