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We scored 13 dates and 9 hookups on this site, and we barely had to lift a finger to do it. The ladies here know exactly what they want, and they'll definitely come to you to get it. is another site that almost seems good to be true, but it really isn’t. This is an incredible site that really ends up getting the job done, and we loved that.

It’s just easy.

The best part about is that it honestly just works. Everyone on here is blunt and very forward about what they want, and that’s something that made our EstablishedMen review incredible.

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When you have ladies that are really into you and really into the idea of being with you, everything is easier. That’s something that we really clung to on this site.

EstablishedMen UK just goes above and beyond to help you meet women, and that’s something that we really enjoyed. It just helps in general that there are a ton of ladies on EstablishedMen UK!

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Our #2 site has the hard numbers to prove that it deserves its finalist spot. Check out EstablishedMen

Our Six Month Test: How Did It Compare

We ended up spending a grand total of six months on our EstablishedMen review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women we found on this site.

It was worth it.

From those 200 e-mails, we received a grand total of 161 e-mails overall. This was incredible, and really stood out to us as being above and beyond our minimum totals.

From those 161 e-mails, a total of 17 ladies wanted to meet up with us. Ultimately, 13 of them showed up, and we actually ended up hooking up with 9 of them.

We were thrilled with these results, and couldn’t wait to start coming back on our own personal time. This site is a ton of fun, and it’s proven itself to us as being fantastic. The Two Messages That Got Our Favorite Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Jennifer. Your eyes are what really drew me into your profile, and I couldn’t stop reading as soon as I ended up clicking on it!

I saw that you were really into surfing, which is one of my favorite hobbies as well. I’d love to have a surfing partner on the weekends, so if you ever want to hit the beach, let me know.”

Features That Shone: What Made Stand Out

The best part about this site is that the ladies are really open about what they want. This kind of community something that makes stand out by far.

It’s plain fun.

The women on know what they want, and they’re not shy about it. They want a man that’s going to take care of them when you date them and hookup.

This is something to remember. These women are very forward, and they’ll actually start chasing after men themselves. You’re not going to find many other sites like that.

We really loved that kind of atmosphere, but it can take some getting used to. Just try to submerge yourself in that kind of culture sooner rather than later, because it’s great!

Step Up Your Game on Dating Tactics That Work

Getting an edge on is all about flaunting what you’ve got. You really want to paint yourself as an incredible catch on a site like this, and that’s a fact.

You’ve got to be bold.

The women on this site are bold, and that’s what you need to be, too. Standing out is easier than you’d think with that in mind, but you really can’t end up being shy.

The women on this site want to know what you’ve got, so make sure that you tell them. Be open and excited about it, and you’ll actually be surprised at the results that you receive.

These women just want to know about you. They want details, and they also want to know about your home life. Is your job one hell of a gig? Let them know about it!

Some Mild Cautions: Things Needs to Work On

One of the only annoying things about this site is that there are a few scams hanging around on here. Fortunately, customer service does a great job of getting rid of them, but still.

Mostly, it’s escorts.

For the most part, we ended up receiving a few e-mails from escorts, and that’s something that you just have to learn how to spot and ignore when it comes to online dating.

Avoid escorts in general. Trust us, they aren’t going to date you, so there’s really no point to bothering with them. They’ll honestly be the least of your worries on this site! in the News

The more you know about BDSM with your hookups, the better, and this article can help you out on sites like

Knowing the difference between kink and abuse is important, even on amazing sites like

The more you know about dominance and submission, the better, especially on sites like

The Results Are In: Should You Use to Meet Women

We absolutely loved It’s our number two site overall, and it really stands out of the crowd for us. It’s just fantastic, and we really think everyone should try it at least once.

You should also definitely check out our number one site, Try them together, and you’ll end up seeing results that last and last. You’ll always be busy, that’s a fact.

30 Responses to “ Review – Why Was #2 for Meeting Women”

  1. deserves a good review even more than any other site I’ve seen before. I have nothing but good things to say about this site and that’s pretty atypical for me.

  2. I don’t think a comparison is needed between this one and another one to truly understand just how good this one is. Honestly, if you can’t judge quality, you’re missing out.

  3. I’ve used other dating sites before that I’m pretty sure are scams but this one is something different. I was totally comfortable using this site for quite a few reasons.

  4. I think is an okay enough site. It seems legit for the most part, so hopefuly it’s good. I think I’ll sign up and see where it gets me.

  5. Jarrod Herndon

    I’m not sure what makes this site so good but I know there’s definitely something. Everything about this site just seemed really great and I’ve really liked the women I’ve met on here.

  6. Doggy Freaky Serpent

    I didn’t want to test out but my friend kept badgering me to do it and when I finally signed up I really loved it. I’m glad I did.

  7. I thought I would end up giving this site a high rating and what do you know, now I’m here talking about how good this site is. It’s amazing, really.

  8. Queen Minimum

    Now THIS is the site to use in 2014. I had to leave a good review for it after it did so much for me. It’s an amazing site, really.

  9. I don’t think is a dating site like everyone says. This one I think is more casual hookups which is way more up my alley than serious dating sites.

  10. Elbert Leslie

    I have nothing but good things to say about sites like this, especially this one. Honestly, it’s a great site in a whole lot of ways that I can appreciate.

  11. If any site deserves a good review, it’s I don’t understand how it doesn’t have even more good reviews because I don’t get how more people don’t LOVE this site.

  12. I think this site is better in comparison to a lot of others I’ve used and the ones I’ve used before have actually been pretty good. This one’s just great.

  13. Airmen Skinny

    I thought this site was trying to scam me at first but then I realizd you just want an upgrade profile so you look good when people look at your profile.

  14. Who knows if is legit? I can read reviews but I need to talk to someone that I’m positive isn’t making shit up. Let me knowif you can, guys.

  15. Thurman Wilkins

    I think this site is really good, especially when you look at it next to a lot of other sites out there because I’ve used some pretty damn bad ones.

  16. I can’t believe it took me so long to test out I wish I’d joined a lot sooner because I think my life would have been a lot better.

  17. This site gets the highest rating possible from me and it’s easy to see why. The women were hot and the site was easy to use and that’s all I needed.

  18. Finger Swift

    I had to leave a review even though I haven’t used this site in 2014 yet. It’s still amazing no matter how or when you look at it, I think.

  19. I guess is the hot new dating site? I wouldn’t know. I never use these things. Maybe I’ll make an exception to my own rules for this one. Maybe.

  20. Mickey Robinson

    I wish that sites like this would all get their shit together and be more like this one, because trust me, definitely knows what it’s doing more than most others.

  21. Homeless Beta

    I’m hoping gets a lot more good reviews. Maybe then more people will start to use it, especially more ladies for me to hook up with. Damn, that would be nic.

  22. I wish I had something to say other than the fact that this site makes others look terrible in comparison just because it’s SO good. It’s better than I expected.

  23. The Pluto Evil Torpedo

    I thought this would be a scam but I’m glad I used it because it ended up changing my entire sex life and my life in general for the better.

  24. I can’t decide if I think seems legit or not. The homepage seems so boring that I’m just not sure if I want to join. I guess we’ll see.

  25. Claudio Patterson

    I used to think the site I was using before this one was good, but then I used this one and then I saw just how great a dating site could be.

  26. Dangerous Beast

    I wanted to test out only because I heard such good things about it. I’m glad I used it bc I don’t know where I’d be without it, honestly.

  27. Who could help but give this site a high rating? Who wouldn’t like this site and everything it helps you with? I love having easy ways to hook up with ladies.

  28. Joe Moony Dreadbeard

    2014 has been a good year for my sex life so far so I had to leave a good review for the site that’s been helping me out so far.

  29. I need to join a casual dating site, or at least a hookup one, but which one? A few friends are using and they like it…maybe I’ll use that one.

  30. Alfredo Rhodes

    Sites like this are the reason I’m still getting laid. The women on here are much better to hook up with than women on other sites or in other places.

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