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This site definitely has a reputation as being one of the greats, and we found that reputation is well-deserved. You'll find a great population on this massive, easy-to-use site, and a great atmosphere that scored us 8 dates. is a site that we feel everyone has heard about, and that’s a good thing. During our eHarmony review, we figured out very quickly why that is the case.

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It’s just a good site.

Overall, does an amazing job of consistently providing what you’re asking for. In our case, that’s obvious dates with a lot of fun, exciting ladies.

This kind of atmosphere is something that we love. For the most part, eHarmony UK is full of people that are very open-minded, and just in general up for a good time.

This means that you’re really going to be in like company. It’s a relief to really be around people that are this well-natured, and it’s something we really appreciated about eHarmony UK.

It’s also safe.

eHarmony scams aren’t something that you frequently see, and that means that during our eHarmony review, we were really able to relax in general and have a good time.

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It’s a juggernaut of dating sites for a reason, and our numbers don’t lie. Check out eHarmony

We love being able to use a site without constantly looking over our shoulder and being nervous. That’s something that we rarely get to accomplish, and it’s a big shame.

Attempting to use this site is something that you’ll actually succeed at. A lot of people might end up feeling discouraged about other sites, but that’s not going to happen on here.

Our Six Month Test: How Did It Compare

We ended up spending a total of six months on our eHarmony review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women that we ended up finding on this site.

The results were incredible.

From those 200 e-mails, we ended up with a grand total of 158 responses. This was amazing, considering we really only wanted a 50% return of e-mail responses.

From those 158 responses, 16 women actually wanted to meet up with us. 8 of them showed up, and that means that we had all of those dates to enjoy for the night.

We were very pleased with these results, and really happy to use this site and see what it could do. Results like this mean that we wanted to come back sooner rather than later. The Two Messages That Got Our Favorite Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Angel. Your smile is what drew me into your profile, but I just had to keep reading from there.

You have some very varied hobbies, but what stood out to me was your love of scuba diving. I’ve always loved it as well, and I’d love to have a chance to go out with someone new.”

Email 2: “Hi, Tammy. Your love of figure skating is something to be admired, and what made me check out your profile.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to do it myself, but I’ve never really had a chance. Do you have any tips for someone that just wants to start out and have a good time?”

Features That Shone: What Made Stand Out

In general, sites like this are all about functionality, and that’s exactly what we really see exhibited on It’s very function, and that encourages people.

It’s easy to use.

A site that’s easy to use is just going to bring more people in, and that’s a solid fact that we’ve always seen proved true. You really can’t find a site that doesn’t have a good layout plus a good user base.

A site that functions very well is something that we think everyone should be able to experience. It’s definitely something that you’ll really be able to enjoy on this particular site.

Trying to use a site with a bad layout will be a thing of the past once you get used to this one. Experience it, and you’ll really become use to the experience and never want to leave.

Step Up Your Game on Dating Tactics That Work

Getting an edge on this site is pretty easy, especially if you know how to talk about yourself. It’s a big part of really getting the attention that you deserve on eHarmony.

Just be open.

If you’re open and thoughtful in the way that you talk about things, you’ll really end up seeing a difference in the way that ladies react to you on this website in general.

Talk about yourself in a way that makes you seem like a real catch. You don’t want to end up making yourself out to be someone that no one wants to talk to online.

If you really get into your hobbies, that’s great. Talk about them at length on your profile, and make yourself interesting and fun when it comes to ladies on this site in general.

Don’t skimp.

When we say talk about yourself, we really mean it. That doesn’t mean that you need to be weird or gross about it, but you do need to be ready to have fun in your profile.

You really want your personality to come through. That’s going to be the thing that makes a woman want to meet you more, and that’s a fact to always keep in mind.

Just be yourself and you’ll see a marked difference in how many ladies actually want to talk to you. If you’re open and really up for meeting new kinds of women, you’ll see a big difference.

Some Mild Cautions: Things Needs to Work On

On a site like this, you really aren’t going to see a ton of scams, and that’s fantastic. That being said, they do exist, and you have to know what to look for overall.

Mostly, it’s scam bots.

Because there are a few inactive profiles floating around on this site, you have to be sure that you aren’t sending a message to a profile that’s been taken over by a scam bot.

We really hope that in the future, eHarmony is going to do something about removing old, inactive profiles, but until then, it’s up to you to be careful and vigilant of them.

If you just avoid them and check the date of last updates, you’ll be fine. You just need to avoid them so that you don’t ned up sending out a ton of messages to some fake. in the News

Knowing all about the good and bad of online dating can really save you a lot of trouble, even on a great site like

It’s important to know about the different kinds of online dating sites, especially when using

Knowing all about dating in our century is important, even on a great site like

The Results Are In: Should You Use to Meet Women

We absolutely loved It’s our number two site when it comes to long term or more romantic relationships online, and we really think that it works fantastically.

It’s proven itself.

We really are skeptical of sites that have a huge following, but sites like don’t come around all that often. It has a following for a reason, and we proved that.

Because this site is so consistent, it really does work out well for anyone that wants to meet a lot of women on it. It’s a great way to spend your time online for sure.

Check it out along with, and you’ll really be able to see some incredible results. You’ll be more busy with ladies than you could have ever imagined.

30 Responses to “ Review – Why Was #2 for Meeting Women”

  1. Moose Quality is a damn good site that deserves a good review from anyone who uses it. If you are using this one you are missing out on a good site.

  2. In comparison to other sites this one has really set the bar high for all those others. I’ve never used a site that made others look bad before. I have now.

  3. There’s no scam here and anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to cheat you out of a good sex date. This site is amazing in every possible way imo.

  4. must be legit. I see it advertised all the time so that means it’s good, right? Otherwise it wouldn’t have so many users? Oh no, I’m doubting myself now..

  5. Cecil Patterson

    I never knew I’d find a dating site that’s this good, I really didn’t. It surpassed all my expecations, even ones I didn’t even know I had set for sites.

  6. Steady Smoke

    Test out other sites if you want, but the place you really need to be is That’s THE site to us and that’s what all the women are on.

  7. I had to leave a good rating for this site after I used it and normally I don’t care that much about leaving reviews for these sorts of sites tbh.

  8. Barbaric Hawk

    There’s nothing I love more than a dating site with great reviews that has the chops to back it up. This is the only one that I’ll use in 2014.

  9. I thought there weren’t that many dating sites but it looks like they’re EVERYWHERE. I found, does anyone know about that one? Is it a good one or not?

  10. Will Sachse

    I have nothing bad to say about sites like this and I don’t know how anyone else does either. They’re such a godsend when you can’t meet women in real life.

  11. Invader Strawberry

    I knew had good reviews for a reason but until I used it myself I didn’t see just how good it was. Now I do and I’m so glad.

  12. The women on this site seem much more receptive to casual hookups and dating in comparison to women on other sites and that?s the best thing. That’s why I’m here.

  13. Lightning Kangaroo

    I thought this site would be a scam just like all the other dating sites I’ve used in the past but it wasn’t, it really wasn’t. It’s actually pretty good.

  14. I’ve used so many sites before that unfortunately just weren’t legit at all so I’m really hoping I’m not disappointed with when I use it. I don’t need that.

  15. This is one damn good dating site and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. I know what I’m talking about when I say a dating site is good, trust me.

  16. Restless Arrow

    If you haven’t signed up to test out yet all I have to say is WHY. Why are you depriving yourself of all the hot ladies out there? Seriously?

  17. There’s no rating high enough to really how how happy I am with this site and I wish I could invent one. 10 out of 10 or 5 stars doesn’t cut it.

  18. The Gutsy Sergeant

    I thought I was done with this site but I came back in 2014 and had to use it again and ended up loving it, so I figured I’d leave a good review.

  19. I hope is a good dating site. I signed up and I’m customizing my profile right now, so hopefully I can look back on this as a good decision.

  20. Murray Philbrick

    I don’t have anything but praise for this site and others like it. They make it so easy to meet women and get laid that I prefer them to real life.

  21. Who could leave a bad review for I used it and I don’t understand how you can not like it. The women are hot and the site’s great, honestly.

  22. I can’t get over how good this site is in comparison to other sites like it. When you look t them side by side it’s easy to see which is good.

  23. There’s been a history of dating site scams before but I promise this isn’t one of them. I used it and I couldn’t be happier with the results I got tbh.

  24. I guess is legit but then again I don’t have much right to an opinion. I’ve only just signed up, so I’ll guess we’ll see what I end up thinking.

  25. Jc Billimek

    I wish all sites were as good as this one and I wish I’d found them sooner. I would have had a much better sex life sooner, that’s for sure.

  26. Dreaded Ray

    If you’re on the fence about signing up to test out, get off the fence and sign up today because you’re going to have one hell of a time.

  27. There’s nothing better than a site that deserves the high ratings it has and that’s how this one is. I can’t think of any sites better than this one tbh

  28. It’s 2014, is there anything dating sites can’t do for us guys except maybe have sex with us themselves? Ha, just a joke. Anyways, this site gets a good review.

  29. is one of the few dating sites I’ve actually heard of, so I’m wondering ifthat says something about its reputation and quality. Maybe that’s the one I should sign up for?

  30. Whitney Metzer

    I’ve always loved sites like this for how easythey make it to meet women that you actually WANT to hook up witih and I’m glad this one was so good.

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