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It's been around for ages, and that's because it's passed the test of time. It's a massive site that still boasts an active population, and still brings in new membership constantly. With 9 dates and 5 nights, we can vouch for it.

Sites like have been around for awhile, and that’s because of one very good reason: they have a formula that works, and people love it.

This site is solid.

A site like is a site that we feel everyone needs to try out at some point, if only because it’s a goliath that has been around for as long as it has.

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During our AdultFriendFinder review, we were thrilled to see how active this site still is. Women and men alike still join it, and for the most part, it’s a pretty equal number.

You can’t beat that kind of ratio. AdultFriendFinder UK doesn’t fake how many people join their site, and that makes AdultFriendFinder UK a very safe place to find ladies.

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Don’t limit yourself to just one top site. To keep your options wide open, try out AdultFriendFinder

Our Six Month Test: How Did It Compare

We ended up spending a grand total of six months on our AdultFriendFinder review, and during that time, we ended up sending out a total of 200 e-mails to women on this site.

It was amazing.

From those 200 e-mails, we ended up with a grand total of 149 responses overall. This was incredible, and really above and beyond our 50% minimum response rate.

From those 149 responses, we received a total of 12 ladies that wanted to actually meet up with us. 9 showed up, and at the end of the night, we hooked up with 5 of them.

These results were awesome, and we were thrilled with them. We were very pleased to see how good this site still was, and that’s why we can’t wait to come back. The Two Messages That Got Our Favorite Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Emily, I couldn’t help but be drawn into your profile courtesy of your gorgeous profile picture.

From there, I saw that you were really into musicals. That’s something that I was really into as well, and I was wondering what musical was your favorite. Maybe we can see one sometime.”

Email 2: “Hi, Tina. I couldn’t help but notice you and your gorgeous smile; you really stand out on this site.

From there, I just had to keep reading. I really think that it’s awesome that you’re into learning languages as much as you are. I’ve always wanted to. What is your favorite to speak?”

Features That Shone: What Made Stand Out

It’s important to realize that this site is one of the longest lived out there, and that’s something to always remember. It’s good for a reason, and it has lasted for a reason.

It’s just easy to use.

We really think that a lot of the success of is the fact that it’s incredibly well-designed, and that means that it’s very, very easy to use overall.

Most people starting out can really use this site and see a lot of success with it. It’s one of the better ones we’ve seen because of that reason, and we loved that for beginners.

It honestly doesn’t matter how experienced you are, though; this site has something for everyone, and that universal appeal has what has kept it going for so long.

Step Up Your Game on Dating Tactics That Work

If you really want to be able to attract ladies on this site, you do have to stand out. It’s competitive, and that means making yourself into a real catch on this website.

Have a good profile.

Your profile is your first stand when it comes to dragging in the ladies and standing out. That means that you can’t just sit around and ramble on for a few paragraphs.

You really will see a difference when it comes to filling out your profile fully on this site. Nitpick and make sure you fill in all of the optional aspects of this site in general.

If you nitpick it, the search engine will be able to pick up a lot of things about you, and that means you’ll be much easier for ladies to find. Trust us, you’ll really want that.

Some Mild Cautions: Things Needs to Work On

Because this site is as old as it is, there are a lot of abandoned profiles that we wish that would just hurry up and get rid of in the near future.

It clogs up the site.

It’s okay to see one once in awhile, but whenever you’re doing a search on a website, it can be annoying to have to wade through these kinds of profiles in general.

They can also attract scammers, and we really find that to be nerve wracking. We don’t want to deal with that sort of thing, and we hope that’s cleaned up sooner rather than later. in the News

A sense of humor can really help you attract women, especially when you’re on sites like

The Results Are In: Should You Use to Meet Women

We loved, and it really ended up deserving that slot of number four overall for us. It’s pretty rare to see a site that has been around for this long.

On top of that, you should also check out our number one site, It’s the best of the best, and using both will really up your game.

30 Responses to “ Review – Why Was #4 for Meeting Women”

  1. Roger Barbarian Grimbeard

    I wanted to leave a review for and that’s what I’m here to do: this site is great in every sense of the word and everyone needs to know.

  2. If there are any sites that are better in comparison to this one I need to see them because I doubt they exist. This one is even better than others.

  3. The Sapphire

    I knew this wasn’t a scam but even more than that, it’s a really great site with a lot of hot women and it’s just REALLY easy to meet people.

  4. I need someone who can tell me without being wishy-washy about it whether or not is good. I need an honest opinion so I can decide if I want to join.

  5. Sergio Batten

    I didn’t think I’d ever find a site this good and I never knew that I’d be so popular when I joined…seriously, I got five messages in the first few minutes!

  6. Billy Darkblade

    I had a friend that kept telling me to test out and I didn’t listen to him for so long, but when I finally did I was really glad.

  7. I have to leave a good rating for this site. What else is there to do when a site is as good as this one and really focuses on me getting laid?

  8. Ventostring

    I haven’t left a review for this site yet? How did I forget! I’ve used it since the beginning of 2014 and I’ve really been enjoying my sex life tbh.

  9. I’ve used quite a few dating sites so I have a pretty good judge of quality but tbh I just can’t get a read on Idk what I think.

  10. Ira Bollinger

    I can’t say enough good things about sites like this. My friends are laughing at me bc I can’t stop recommending this one to them for getting laid really quick.

  11. Puppy Gruesome gets a good review from this satisfied user. There’s nothing I love more than a dating site that actually gets me laid with none of the bullshit from other sites.

  12. I wish all the other sites didn’t look bad in comparison to this one now. I hope this one never gets taken down or I’ll be so sad and alone.

  13. Strong Brutal Donkey

    I use a lot of sites that I think might be scams and it was nice to not have that worry at all with this one. I’ve never used better.

  14. I’ve had a few friends say that is legit but I don’t know if it’s a good site for me. Obviously everyone’s different so who knows if I’ll like it?

  15. If you don’t think this site is good I don’t know what to say about your taste because it’s clearly very lacking. Open your eyes and see quality, guys, come on.

  16. Test out and I guarantee you’re going to be just as pleased as I was with everything you find there. It’s probably the best site I’ve used to date.

  17. I knew I wanted to give this site a high rating but I guess I forgot to leave a review forever ago when I used it. It’s a great site.

  18. Runny Pink Trustee

    This one gets a good review from me even though I haven’t used it in 2014 yet. I used it last year but it was still good then so I have high hopes.

  19. seems like a good casual dating site at first glance. I don’t really have an opinion yet tho since I haven’t even signed up. Who knows, I might not.

  20. Dusty Tomco

    I can’t get over how good sites like this are. I was so arrogant about not wanting to use them for so long but then I realized what I missing.

  21. There’s no way I could leave a review for that was anything less than amazing. You don’t leave lackluster reviews for amazing sites, you just don’t. That’s so rude.

  22. I think this site is SO much better in comparison to all those others everyone has been saying are really good recently. It’s easy to see which ones work well.

  23. Trust me, this site won’t scam you or anything. It’s really good and I don’t know why more people aren’t using it instead of a few of the other alternatives.

  24. I never guessed that I’d be looking at trying to figure out if it’s legit or not so I can make a decision to sign up. I’ve changed recently.

  25. Joseph Leach

    I never realized you could have so much fun on a dating site. That’s what makes them good: when they work but it’s also fun for you. I’m very impressed.

  26. Silver Agent

    I can’t remember why I wanted to test out but there was a reason, and now that I have I’m glad I did. It was one of the best decisions.

  27. There isn’t a rating high enough to adequately show how I feel about this site so I’m just not going to give it one. Better none than a wrong one.

  28. The Deserted Anaconda

    This is the type of site everyone should be using in 2014, not some other shitty one. This one has so many good revviews, so why wouldn’t you use it?

  29. I haven’t used too many dating or hookup sites before so help me out: is a good one to use? Obviously I don’t want to get scammed or anything.

  30. Neville Friedline

    I don’t know what I would do without the help of sites like this. They’re great for guys who are bad at picking up ladies. It’s nice to have help.

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