Slowing Down Your Dating Speed

Whoever said that guys are just in it for sex can suck it. Just because it’s awesome to have sex with a woman doesn’t mean that that’s all you want from her. Society can make it seem like dating isn’t something that you do lightly, so unfortunately we end up speeding it up and taking wrong turns until you have sex, but then find out that you don’t really like each other in any other way. When you slow down your dating speed you can find a woman that is awesome to hang out with and end up sexing her too. It’s the best of both worlds.

Count Your Words

“Don’t bore her with your stupid stories”

All right, you don’t have to literally count your words, but when you’re with her try not to be the waterfall of a person who lets out their whole life story in one go. She will get to know you over time. Presenting everything that you know about yourself all at once is way overwhelming and takes the mystery out of everything. The same rule applies to talking or texting. It can be really easy to want to text her all day long. It makes you feel good and you want to show her that you want her. But all that’s going to happen is that you’re going to develop feelings way too fast and lose your cool manly attitude. She wants to be chased, so put on a little chase for her instead of laying out the whole buffet and drawing her to you.

Take Her On Group Dates

“She will know how to act in a group”

If you don’t really trust yourself to be one-on-one with her at first then don’t be afraid to take her on a group date. Group dates are fun, but kill any sort of romance in the air. No one wants to be around their friends when they’re awkwardly making out, so you won’t have the chance. Plus since other people are around you’ll get to see what she acts like in a group. Your friend’s opinion of this woman is going to be pretty important too, since most likely you want to date her in the long run. Hanging out with all of them will make the atmosphere way more chill than a formal dinner date.

Keep Your Down Time

Again, she’s probably really fun to be around, but it’s important that you spend some time by yourself. Take your weekends to only hang out with your guy friends or retreat into your fortress of solitude. It might be the easiest time to actually go on real dates with her, but then during the week you’re stuck at work. If she realizes that you have boundaries and your own personality it’s going to be far more likely that you’ll still be mysterious, interesting, and independent to her. These are all key qualities if you’re going for a slower dating process.

The whole idea behind any of these ideas is that you aren’t spending a ton of time with her. The more time that you’re together, the faster your relationship is going to go.

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