Are you Coming On Too Strong?

Most men know that if they don’t cease the moment, it will vanish before they can get their hands on it. The same thing can be said for a beautiful woman. Many times, men like to make a woman aware that they’re interested in her, but they have the tendency to come on too strong. When a man comes on too strong, it ends up turning women off for multiple reasons. The worst thing about coming on too strong is that women rarely ever get over it. If you want to show women that you’re interested, but don’t want to risk coming on too strong, you can avoid it by remembering a few simple details.

She’s Trying to Escape

“She doesn’t want you to come closer”

You will know for a fact that you’re coming on too strong when you notice a woman trying to escape from being in your presence. She may try to excuse herself to the restroom, or may tell you that she’s on her way out. If she doesn’t have a place to escape to, she may avoid making eye contact with you, or she may even seem like she is looking for someone to come to her rescue. If you’re not paying attention, you may risk her never wanting to give you the time of the day.

If you want to prevent coming on too strong, as well as prevent her from wanting to escape from you in the first place, you will have to recognize when she’s uncomfortable. If you notice her doing any of the previously mentioned things, take a moment to look how close you are to her. If you are invading her personal space, take a few steps back and give her room to breathe. If you think you can redeem yourself and aren’t worried about her leaving, you can excuse yourself for a moment to give her a chance to calm down. Stay away for at least ten minutes and then return. When you return, tell her that you feel like you may have made her uncomfortable and apologize for your behavior.

Watch What You Say

“Think before you say. Your words might turn her off”

If every other sentence out of your mouth deals with how attractive she is, or how you’d like to leave with her, you are definitely coming on too strong. Women like to be pursued. However, they do not want to be chased to the point where they feel like someone might try to take advantage of them. If you are the only one doing a lot of heavy flirting, you may be making her uncomfortable. Dial it back, and talk about some commonplace to get control of yourself.

Coming on too strong can easily be prevented when you pay attention to both your body language and the things that you say. You may want to make sure you aren’t doing too much heavy drinking as that can lead you to believe that you aren’t coming on as strongly as you actually are. If a woman seems like she’s trying to avoid you, the chances are that you need to take a step back and change your behavior to convince her that you aren’t going to be trouble for her.

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